Code of Conduct

Member Protection Policy

The Redcliffe Hockey Club is committed to the health, safety and general wellbeing of its members and participants. The organisation is dedicated to providing a safe and prosperous environment for members and providers participating in all hockey activities delivered by the Redcliffe Hockey Club.


The Redcliffe Hockey Club adopts in its entirety, the Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy in its current form, and any revisions that may be made from time to time. This policy can be viewed on the Hockey Australia Website at

Adopted Codes of Conduct

The Member Protection Policy has a series of attachments that present codes of conducts for different roles within the sport of hockey. These are:

  • B1 – Coaches / Managers / Team Officials Codes of Behaviour
  • B2 – Officials Codes of Behaviours
  • B3 – Player / Athlete Code of Behaviour
  • B4 – Administrator Code of Behaviour
  • B5 – Board Member (Committee Member) Code of Behaviour
  • B6 – Parent / Guardian Code of Behaviour
  • B7 – Spectator Code of Behaviour
  • B8 – Media Code of Behaviour

Working with Children

Working with Children Checks aim to create a child-safe environment and to protect children and young people involved in hockey from physical and sexual harm. They assess the suitability of people to work with children and young people and can include:


  • Criminal history checks
  • Signed declarations
  • Referee checks; and
  • Other relevant background screening to assess a person’s suitability to work with children and young people.

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