Direct Debit Payment System

Greater payment flexibility in 2024!

Direct Debit Payment Plans

We are pleased to offer direct debit payment plans through this website host Majestri.

This option is available to you when you initially register. (If you don't take up this option when you initially register and decide further down the track you would like to you will need to contact the Treasurer).

If you take up the payment plan we give you an extra two months to help pay of your fees. The deadline will be 31st July 2024. That means potentially you can have over 5 months to pay off your fees.

We urge all members if you are unable to pay your fees to take up this direct debit payment system.


When you register you will be given the  payment option of applying for a payment plan. If you choose to apply for a payment plan you must initially pay 25% off your fees (this is effectively your sign-on).  On the remaining balance owing (75%),you then get to decide the frequency of your payments and the duration (up to 31st July 2024). Payment frequencies include weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

The system will then automatically calculate your instalments. Every Tuesday or Fridays as well, where applicable, Majestri will initiate the direct debit, you will receive a SMS notification that they are starting the direct debit and give you time to check you have enough money in your account. For any failed debits you will receive a failure email notification as will the club and a rejection fee will be charged onto your next scheduled payment.  After 2 failed attempts, your payment plan will be automatically cancelled.


This direct debiting is only from members bank accounts (ie defined by a BSB and account number).

Two consecutive failed debits will result in the cancellation of the members active plan. The club will be notified and until payment is resolved the member will be ineligible to play.

If you wish to take advantage of the early bird discount you must have your payment plan completed by 2nd March 2024.

If you register to the payment plan prior to 3rd March 2024 the system will calculate your plan based on the early bird discount fees. However if your plan duration exceeds 4th March the prices will revert to full price and you will be notified of an additional amount that will be added onto your schedule.

The Treasurer has to approve and activate each payment plan application.



There are no set-up costs to you as a member. For each direct debit that is performed you will be charged 77c (includes GST) per transaction. To be clear, if Majestri are to debit $40 instalment as per your plan, the actual amount they will debit will be $40.77.

Additional charges may apply to members where an attempt to debit their bank account fails. The cost to a member of a failed debt is $5.50 (inc GST) and this is added onto the next deduction in the schedule.

A cancellation charge of $2.75 (inc GST) will apply to members who cancel a scheduled debit on the day of the debit. This charge will be added to the next scheduled debit.


Any changes required to your direct debit plan you will need to contact the Treasurer. You cannot manually adjust your direct debits. This payment plan can be cancelled if required, if for example you wish to pay out all your fees in one payment. Alternatively if you have already sign-on and now wish to take up the plan we can add you into the system. Or if the club owes you a subsidy, (ie volunteer rewards program, Get Started vouchers) we are able to adjust your direct debits. 

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